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Independent Examination of the DMD

**PLEASE NOTE**The Exmination has closed, and the DMD was adopted by the National Park Authority on the 5 July 2013. This page is no longer being update, with the adopted plan available at

Inspector's Report

On the 10 June 2013 the National Park Authority received the Inspector's Report on the Examination into the Development Management and Delivery DPD.  This report concludes that the Development Management and Delivery DPD provides an appropriate basis for the planning of the National Park over the next 13 years providing a number of modifications are made to the Plan. As requested, the Inspector recommended any modifications necessary to enable the Authority to adopt the Plan. Most of the modifications to address this were proposed by the National Park Authority (further consultation on these modifications was carried out, as described below).

The Examination Process

Consultation on the submission version of the DMD closed on Wednesday 11 April 2012. A copy of the representations received and the Authority's Response is available to view.

The DMD was submitted to the Secretary of State on Monday 14 May 2012.  The Inspector appointed to undertake the examination was Mr Andrew Seaman BA (Hons), MA, MRTPI.  The examination process is concerned with the legal compliance and soundness of the document as a whole and the examination will focus on the main issues of concern, not individual representations.  You can find more information on the examination of local plans on the Planning Portal (external link, opens in new window) or by reading A Brief Guide to Examining DPD's (External website, opens new window)

You can view the publication version of the DMD and read background information on the preparation of the DMD.

Revocation of the South West Regional Strategy

The Secretary of State has announced the Government's decision to revoke the Regional Spatial Strategy for the South West and an Order will come into effect on the 20th May 2013.  The Inspector advised that an opportunity be offered for comment on any implications arising from the revocation.  This consultation period closed on Monday 13th May 2013, the consultation responses received are set out below.

Consultation responses relating to the revocation of the SW Regional Strategy

Publication of the Inspector's Main Modifications

The Inspector prepared a schedule of proposed main modifications to the submitted Plan and advised that these modifications should be made available for public comment before his report is finalised. These are modifications which have to be made to the DMD to ensure that it becomes a legally compliant and sound document, and will have to be applied to the submitted version of the DMD if the Authority wishes to formally adopt the plan.

The six week consultation on the main modifications closed on the 12 April 2012, the responses to the consultation are available to view below.

Inspector's Proposed Main Modifications (Erratum - Reference DNPA ref. 52 'Amend policy DMD11', page 6: Please note that the plain text in subsections (ii), (iii) and (iv) should be shown underlined, indicating that they are additions of text.)

Consultation responses on the Proposed Main Modifications (April 2013)

Post hearings correspondence with the Inspector

DNPA letter to Inspector (24 January 2013)
Inspector's Letter (21 January 2013)

Letter from DNPA  to the Inspector (8 January 2013)
Letter to DNPA from the Environment Agency (8 January 2013)  CD11/18
Paper covering the sequential & exception tests for proposal MTN2 CD11/15
Paper covering the sequential & exception tests for proposal ASH2 CD11/16
Paper covering the sequential & exception tests for proposal BCK3 CD11/17
Inspector's Procedural Letter (24 December 2012)

Examination Hearings

Hearings have now closed.  The public hearings were held on Tuesday 4, Wednesday 5,  Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 December 2012.  A draft Hearing Programme was been published along with draft matters and issues which the Inspector considered during the Hearings;

- Matter 1  and Matter 3 - Tuesday 4 December 2012 (AM) - Plan Preparation and Legal Compliance and Part 2 of the Plan - Social, Health and Well Being (Housing)
- Matter 2 - Wednesday 5 December 2012 - Part 2 of the Plan - Justification, Consistency and Effectiveness
- Matter 4 - Wednesday 12 - December 2012 Settlement Policies
- Matter 5 - Thursday 13 December 2012 - Delivery and Monitoring

Hearings - Additional Written Correspondence

Respondents were permitted to amplify their original representations and or respond to the Schedule of Matters and Issues.  The closing date for further submissions was 20 November 2012 and can be viewed below.

Respondent Number Respondent Name Hearing Session Statement
04/01/SBR1/FWS WYG Planning Supplements written representations Statement
008/01/MTN2/FWS Wollen Michelmore Solicitors (on behalf of B Thompson and Sons (Transport) Limited) Wednesday 12 December. Hearing 3, Matter 4


13/01/3.6/3/FWS WYG Planning Wednesday 12 December. Hearing 3, Matter 4 Statement
Site Location Plan
24/05/DMD21/FWS PCL Planning Supplements written representations Statement
151/01/YEL/FWS Miss A Steers

Tuesday 4 December Hearing 1, Matter 3.

Wednesday 12 December Hearing 3, Matter 4
  Moretonhampstead Parish Council Wednesday 12 December Hearing 3, Matter 4 Letter to Moretonhampstead Parish Council
  Environment Agency Wednesday 12 December Hearing 3, Matter 4 Letter to the Authority 
  NPS Group Wednesday 12 December Hearing 3, Matter 4 Letter to the Authority 

Hearings - Additional Submissions by DNPA

Authority's letter (20 November 2012).

Tuesday 4 December 2012(am) Hearing 1, Matter 1, Issue 9.

Tuesday 4 December 2012 (pm) Hearing 1, Matter 3, Issues 3.3, 3.4 and 3.7.

Wednesday 12 December 2012 Statement of Common  Ground between DNPA and CSJ Planning  Hearing 3, Matter 4, Issue 6. Proposed minor modification (Ref 020) - allocation of BCK3: Redevelopment at Devonia Products Mill.

Following consideration of the historic environment policies in chapter 2.10 (policies DMD8 – DMD12) at Hearing 2  (Wednesday 5 December), minor amendments are proposed to improve the clarity and focus of those policies. 

Hearings - Additional information presented to the Authority by CSJ Planning in respect of BCK3 (Devonia Products)

Letter from CSJ Planning (20 November 2012)
Draft Histroic Buildings Appraisal (November 2012)
Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (October 2012)
Constraints and Opportunities Maps: Geotechnical, Flood Risk, Ecology, Climate, Building Use and Heritage Assets, Access.

Pre-Hearing Meeting - October 2012

The Pre-Hearing Meeting was held on 25 October 2012 at the Authority's offices at Parke.   The Inspector outlined how the public hearings, commencing on 4 December 2012 were to be conducted and the procedures to be followed. 

Additional supporting information - September 2012

Further to the Procedural Meeting the Authority published additional information in support of the DMD.  This was added to the list of Core Document (supporting evidence), but is listed separately below for convenience.

Procedural Meeting - July 2012

A procedural meeting was held in public on 12 July 2012 in order to consider matters raised by the Inspector in respect of the soundness of the Plan. The meeting concluded  that the Authority will produce a range of supplementary evidence in support of the submitted DPD. 

Correspondence with the Inspector May - June 2012

For information on the independent examination of the development plan document, please contact Forward Planning, Dartmoor National Park Authority, Parke, Bovey Tracey, Devon TQ13 9JQ, email or telephone 01626 832093.

Page last updated: 05 Jul 2013