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Development Management

What is Development Management?

Development Management is that part of the Planning system which deals with development proposals and applications.  The Development Management services assesses whether an application is acceptable based on Government and local policies, and other relevant factors, and tries to balance the many and varied interests which can exist in even the most straightforward proposal. It involves:

  • giving advice and information on specific proposals and the planning system in general;
  • considering planning applications of all kinds; including applications for listed building consent, conservation area consent or advertisement consent;
  • considering other proposals which may be 'notifications' where the Authority has the opportunity to influence design, location or both;
  • stating the Authority's case in appeals to the Secretary of State;
  • monitoring developments to ensure that they are carried out as agreed and any amendments dealt with;
  • investigating apparent breaches of planning and taking enforcement action, where necessary.

For more detailed advice on Development Management and procedures, see the Development Management Charter, for further information and advice please use the links to the left of this page or visit the Planning Portal web site.

Web Review: We are currently in the process of updating the Planning pages of the web site and would welcome your comments.  Please use the feedback form.

Development Management Good Practice Guide

The Authority has adopted a Good Practice Guide which sets out guidance for the performance of its Development Management function.  It provides details of the role of Officers and the way in which Officers will assist Members in reaching decisions, as well as how they deal with delegated decisions

How do I contact the office?

In writing - We can give you advice on whether a development needs permission, or offer advice before you submit an application.  Please use our enquiry form, which helps ensure you have included all the information we need.  Please note, on the majority of schemes sites will not be visited and officers will make their assessment as a desk top exercise. 

Visiting the offices - Facilities are available at the offices at Parke to view plans and documentation relating to current planning applications. 

Planning Technicians and Planning Officers will be available by appointment only.

If you would like to discuss a current application with the case officer it is advised that you contact the offices prior to arrival to ensure they are available.

If you require general planning advice it is requested that you submit your request in writing using our enquiry form in the first instance.

By telephone - Current arrangements are that a Planning Technician will be the first point of contact for all general planning enquiries.  If you need advice on whether a development needs planning permission, or offer advice before you submit an application, please put your enquiry in writing to us.  To contact a Planning Technician please call 01626 832093. 

Page last updated: 01 May 2012
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