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The National Park Authority is the sole local planning authority for land within the National Park and makes decisions on all planning applications within its area.  The Planning Directorate in the Authority is made up of two services: the Forward Planning and Community ('planning policy')

service is responsible for preparing and delivering the policies in the Local Plan, whilst the Development Management service is responsible for determining planning applications based on those policies.

You can use the following links to send you straight to the most popular planning queries, alternatively you can navigate the site using the links on the left.

Do I need to get planning permission? Certain development can be carried out without needing to get planning permission. Follow this link for FAQs and advice on whether you may need permission or not, or to submit an enquiry to the Development Management service.

How do I apply for planning permission? You can now submit applications online through the Planning Portal. Follow this link to find out how, or to download copies of the application forms. There is also advice on which forms to fill in and what you need to do to submit a valid planning application.

How do I pay my planning fee online? You can pay your planning fee online via our service payments section. (External website, opens new window).

What are the planning policies for the National Park area? There are planning policies at a national and local level which need to be met in order to get planning permission. Follow this link to find out more.

How do I view an application? Applications for planning permission or listed building consent are available to be viewed on the web site. Follow this link view current or decided applications.

How do I comment on an application? Anyone can comment on a planning application during the consultation period. Follow this link to submit a comment online, or find out how to contact the case officer.

How do I report a possible breach of the planning rules? Sometimes development might be carried out without the necessary permission, or differently from the agreed plans. If you think this may be happening follow this link to report a breach online, or find out how to contact an enforcement officer. You might want to check first whether it needs permission, or view any application before contacting us - see above for how to do this.

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