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Dartmoor Sustainable Development Fund

Dartmoor Sustainable Development Fund LogoInvesting in projects that respect the past, improve the present and look to the future

The Dartmoor Sustainable Development Fund (DSDF) has been set up to encourage innovative sustainable development projects that help to improve the quality of life for current and future generations. The Fund will support proposals that focus on environmental, economic, social and cultural aspects of life.

The DSDF is supporting an Old Homes Eco Course in association with the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings on Saturday 10th May. For details visit the Old Homes Eco Course page

DSDF in 2013/14For 2013/14 Dartmoor National Park Authority have made £100,000 available, from its core budget, for funding suitable projects. The key priorities are:

  • Energy Efficiency;
  • Sustainable Travel and
  • Young People

The majority of funding will be allocated to projects relating to these priorities which demonstrate innovation or act as an inspiration to others. However, applications are still welcome from projects which meet the wider environmental, social and economic DSDF criteria.

Please read the notes following to see whether your project might be considered and how to get further information and/or an application form
NOTE: The DSDF has received a significant amount of  enquiries from potential applicants this year. It is imperative that you contact Ruth Leonard-Williams before submitting an application.


Applying for support through the DSDF
It is recommended that any individual, organisation or business that has a potential project sends an email in the first instance to
Your email should contain the following information
1. Project and applicant name
2. A brief description of the project (bullet points or no more than 250 words)
3. How much funding is required from the Dartmoor Sustainable Development Fund and how much from other sources?
4. Is it a Dartmoor based/biased project?
5. When will the project begin and when will it end?
6. How will the project be supported after the funding has been used?
7. What are the social, economic and environmental benefits of the project?

Please note that application forms are not available on-line and will be sent out by the Sustainable Development Officer if your project is appropriate to the aims of the fund.

Projects that are seeking less than £2,000 in support from the DSDF are advised through a delegated decision throughout the course of the year. Projects looking for more than £2,000 will have to present their project to the DSDF panel. At this meeting projects have 10 minutes to present their scheme and then a further 10 minutes of questions and answers from the panel.
The panel met on 05 September 2013 and Friday 22 November 2013 with nine projects receiving support.
There is a maximum of £35,000 remaining which will be allocated at the next meeting on Friday 14 March 2014.

Projects to be considered at this meeting must have completed applications agreed with the Sustainable Development Officer by 19th February 2014. 
NOTE: The DSDF has received a significant amount of  enquiries from potential applicants this year. It is imperative that you contact Ruth Leonard-Williams before submitting an application. 

Dartmoor Sustainable Development Fund 2012/13
2012 was the tenth anniversary of the DSDF and in that time the fund has been able to support over 300 projects with funding totalling more than two million pounds. Importantly this has helped source, or release, an additional £9.5 million in match-funding and has been responsible in creating a wide range of initiatives that have benefited Dartmoor.

For a full list of projects supported in 2012/13 please see the project list
2012/13 DSDF Supported Projects PDF icon (PDF Help 54kb)

or the annual report - 2012/13 (PDF Help 809kb) 

Celebrating Your Community Fund 2012To mark the 10th anniversary, the DSDF announced a 'Celebrating Your Community'  element to the fund. 'Celebrating your Community' was available for every parish on Dartmoor to apply for up to £400 for a project that involved the community in some manner. Whilst the project could have been the idea of, and run by, an individual, a residents group or other organisation, each parish or town council can only one project for this particular fund. 14 Parishes were supported to deliver a variety of community schemes including a village information leaflet, community notice board, Jubilee orchard and a Diamond Jubilee celebration.

Further Information
Evaluation of the Sustainable Development Fund in English National Parks, 2002-2009.
Land Use Consultants Summary Report PDF icon (PDF Help 230kb)

What is Sustainable Development?

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