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Funding and Accounts

How we are funded

Our budget for 2013/14 is £4.8m. We are not funded via Council Tax but receive £4.0m in National Park Grant from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). The balance of our budget is from income, grants and fees and charges

We also administer the Dartmoor Sustainable Development Fund. A fund of £115,000 has been made available from our core budget to encourage innovative, sustainable, development projects that focus on environmental, economic, social or cultural aspects of life on Dartmoor.

How we spend our funding

We undertake management of the natural and cultural environment of Dartmoor; we are the planning authority for the National Park; we promote and fund sustainable development in and around the National Park. 

Effective partnership working is central to our mission – we alone can not deliver National Park objectives; we need to continually work with a wide range of stakeholders who can help support and deliver National Park objectives.

Local Spending Data

View local spending data*

In June 2010 the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government wrote to local authorities in England, committing us to publishing items of spending over £500 by January 2011.  With effect from 1 August 2014, this lower limit has been withdrawn, and we will be publishing details of all items of expenditure.

The data we've published under 'Local Spending Data' excludes:
*    payments to individuals paid through payroll
*    payments to HM Revenue and Customs relating to VAT and payroll
*    pension related payments
We have included invoice and grant payments to individuals, but have replaced personal data with the words 'Redacted Personal Data'.
The information is produced in two versions. The PDF file is an easy to read version. The CSV file allows the user to read and manipulate the data as they require.

This also includes all Government Procurement Card (GPC) spend for departmental GPC's

All queries relating to this data should be emailed to:
*Use of the datasets provided here is subject to the terms outlined in the following Data Sharing Agreement

Projected Expenditure 2013/14

Conservation of the Natural Environment - 9%
Conservation of the Cultural Heritage - 6%
Recreation Management - 10% (including Traffic & Transport)
Promoting Understanding - 19%
Rangers, Estates & Volunteers - 18%
Development Management - 15%
Forward Planning - 6%
Corporate & Democratic Core - 7%
Dartmoor Sustainable Development Fund - 3%
Special projects Fund - 3%
Capital Expenditure - 4%

Statement of accounts

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Page last updated: 21 Nov 2014